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Building a successful company is all about the team. It’s attracting, hiring and empowering exceptional individuals who possess the qualities that fuel growth.

StartUpHire's Talent Sourcing Service is designed to help you meet all of your hiring needs in one comprehensive, cost effective and easy to use service offering.

Exclusive Pricing for SAP Partners

Full annual subscription only $3,295*

Semi-annual subscription only $1,695*

*Offer is MDF eligible

  • • Unlimted basic posts: Post as many jobs as you want on the leading website for opportunities at growing technology companies. Those jobs also feed to larger aggregators such as Indeed, SimplyHired, Job Rapido and others.
  • • Unlimited access to the Talent Vault: The Talent Vault is home to tens of thousands of profile and resumes. Search and learn more about candidates who are interested in hearing from you.
  • • Private Recruiting Database: Want to be competitive with other companies out there? Be more proactive with your recruiting! We take the Talent Vault one step further by giving you a private recruiting database for your own use. All you need is an email address (from a resume, business card or meet-up list) and you can invite someone to import their resume or LinkedIn profile into your database. Keep tabs on potential candidates you're interested in (even your competitors), update them on company news, or reach out with an offer when you have a new position open.
  • • Social Media Megaphone: Leverage social media to get even more attention for open positions and the company brand. With one simple step link up your company's Twitter & Facebook accounts to automatically post new positions as they are added. Want even more reach? All your supporters and fans can do the same thing. With one click they too can give permission to automatically broadcast any new positions across their extended social network.
  • • Performance Analytics: Reports showcasing the effectiveness of job postings.
  • • Ongoing talent acquisition support: Free participation in webinar and best practices series.

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